There are two hostels one each for boys and girls. There are two wardens and one Nurse. Approximately each hostel has 14 rooms equipped with spacious almirah. Four, Five students can stay in each room of the hostel. Each hostel has residential capacity of about 65 students. The hostel facilities available on campus are:

  • Fourteen furnished rooms in each hostel (Bed, Table Chairs, Fan etc.)
  • There is study room, common room and dining hall. In common room, there is T.V. and Music system. Library is also there in each hostel. Text books and magazines are avaliable in the library.
  • There is proper lighting system in all the rooms, toilets and corridors.
  • Geysers are available in the hostel bathrooms.
  • Fridge is also available in the hostel for students.
  • Students avail the facility of fresh vegetarian food during breakfast, lunch time and dinner time.
  • Water cooler with aquaguard is also in the hostel for students.
  • Washing and Ironing of clothes facility available in the hostel.
  • Sick room is also in the hostel. Hostel Nurse is on the premises to look after the resident students. In case of an emergency the student is taken to the hospital immediately.
  • One visitor's room is also in the hostel for students' visitors.
  • Grassy lawns are there in the hostel for the students.
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