Language Lab

Our College has a well equipped and air conditioned language lab. As far as learning of languages is concerned, the Language Lab holds great significance in this multilingual and multicultural Indian society. Our Lab is open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and it helps the language learners to improve pronunciation, accent, stress and all other aspects of phonetics of four languages namely English, Hindi, Punjabi and Sanskrit. The prominent features of our Lab are:

Visual, Oral and Aural Aspects:
The Lab has twenty cabins having computers, microphones and headphones which are directly connected to one master computer and with other systems. The direct sound transmission gives step by step guidance from the teacher to the students with crystal clear clarity for improving their language skills.

Language Software Sanaco:
The Lab computers are installed with Sanaco software which is very much user friendly and is more attention enthralling for the students for improvement of all aspects of language learning where they are engaged with individual systems.

LCD and Language recordings:
The Language lab has LCD through which various language related videos, recordings and television programs are shown to the students to increases the pace of language comprehension.

Internet Connectivity:
Internet Connectivity has been provided in the Lab to facilitate various facets of the language learning.

Effective learning:
The language laboratory provides to learn the foreign language practice in a focused setting that eliminates the feelings of self-consciousness.

Focus Veracity:
Text, audio and video can easily be integrated with actuality in every day learning situations.

Individual Attention
It is easy to guide the students by monitoring each student independently without disturbing the others students.

Have the self evaluation:
The students do a periodical self evaluation to measure the progress as well as evaluate his/her language with that of the teacher.

Motivating Creative Talent:
The language lab has the provision of displaying good teaching aids and teaching aids having heritage and cultural importance through various display cabinets. So our language lab takes care of all the language learning skills and dimensions.

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