Main Features

(a) Tutorial Groups :
To establish report between the teacher and the taught, all the students are divided into tutorial groups. Each group is placed under the guidance of a tutor who keeps records of the activities and progress of the students of the group during their stay in the college. Character certificates are issued on the basis of these records, i.e., visits to NGO's, two paper presentations by the student and participation in the college activities/functions etc.

(b) National Service Scheme :
The college has three (3) units of NSS and participation in NSS activities is compulsory for all the students of B.Ed. and M.Ed. The N.S.S. Unit of the college provides opportunities to the college students to participate in projects of community service in the adjoining localities. The basic aim of the N.S.S. is to make new links between the students of the college and the people. The students are encouraged not only to join the community in execution of development projects but also to share their knowledge and cultural activities with the members of the community.

(c) Guidance and Counselling Unit :
The unit provides counselling services to the College students. It arranges sessions in guidance and counselling for prospective teachers and educational and career conferences for the benefit of the students. The College also provides 24 hours stress management helpline.

(d) Co-curricular Activities :
To develop the creative talent among students, a number of co-curricular activities are organised in the college. It is obligatory for every student to enroll himself/herself as a member of the literary and cultural society.

(e) Value Education :
Another important feature of the College is Value Education Period whereby every tutorial group has to present it on every Monday thus inculcating a habit of working in a group and also disciplining oneself. Value Education is an important feature of the college life and is organised on every Monday. Students are required to contribute speeches, devotional songs etc. in their assemblies or any other event having moral, spiritual and education value. It is compulsory for all to attend on all Mondays.

(f) Sports :
Sports and Athletics are held regularly and are compulsory for all the students of this college to participate.

(g) Magazine :
Students are welcome to contribute articles to the college magazine, `The Educational Observer', which is an annual feature of the college.

(h) Smart class rooms :
All the classrooms of the college are equipped with the L.C.D. projectors and computers for multimedia presentations.

(i) Laboratories
The college provides the facilities of well equipped and well maintained laboratories to the students facilitating them to enhance their teaching skills through experiments, demonstrations and presentations. The college has Science, Home Science, Computer, Language, Guidance and Counselling, Psychology, Educational Technology laboratories and Fine Arts and Music Room, which are fully equipped.

(j) Placement Cell
The College placement cell invites enrollment from all the Teacher Graduates and Post Graduates of the college who are interested in seeking employment in Education Sector. It caters primarily to the employment needs of the schools, colleges of Education and other Educational institutions with assured prompt quality service. The prospective employers are welcome to mail their requirements to the cell. We assure prompt quality service.

Contact us at :
Placement Cell
Govt. College of Education
Sector 20-D, Chandigarh. — India, 160020.
Phones: 91-0172-2700075 (0), 91-0172-2784182(0) Email :

(k) Alumni Association
The college has an old students' body viz. Alumni Association of Government College of Education, Sector 20, Chandigarh (AAGCE-20). A general body meeting is held once in a year. It provides an opportunity to interact with other members of the body and gives them a feeling of 'Home-coming'. The annual membership fee is Rs. 100 and life membership fee is Rs. 500.

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