College Library

The college library is a sanctum sanatorium of learning process. The library has 40067 books including Reference collection, Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks and Surveys etc. In this session 198 books has been added till October 2016. Library subscribes to 70 journals and newspapers.

The Library offers wide range of information services like reference, bibliographic, current awareness, orientation etc. Book Bank facility is also provided to needy students. Organization of different competitions to motivate students to use library resources has become annual feature of the library.

Library is fully computerized with 7 computers and is linked through LAN. Libsys software has been installed for library operations. In addition to computerized Issue/Return of books to students, Barcodes, Spine labels, Catalogue cards and Library cum Identity card (SMART CARDS) are generated through Libsys software. Library provides OPAC AND INTERNET SERVICES to staff and students.

To approach e-books and e-journals ‘N-LIST program of INFLIBNET’ has been subscribed for college faculty and M.Ed. students.


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